Why You Shouldn’t Teach Recursion (Yet)

Picture taken from this presentation My esteemed colleague Shriram Krishnamurthi has written an interesting draft blog post on How Not to Teach Recursion that details some of the common, perhaps misguided, ways computer science teachers teach recursion. Let me start by saying that I agree with much of his criticism. Fibonacci is a contrived exampleContinue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Teach Recursion (Yet)”

How I Teach vim

The positive response to my post about “Why I Teach vim” has been extremely appreciated and the most common question I have received is “OK, but how do you teach vim? This is a much more difficult question to answer in a blog post as I have repeatedly found trying to explain teaching methods inContinue reading “How I Teach vim”

Why I Teach vim

The why of why people use vim has been covered fairly extensively, so I thought I would spend a little time explaining why I teach vim to my high school students, even in 2020. It all began when I was assigned a mixed class of ninth through twelfth grade students in computer science just afterContinue reading “Why I Teach vim”

Last Meeting – Bill Atkinson and HyperCard

Guest blog post by Jay Michlin, circa 1987 (used with permission). A recounting of a presentation by Bill Atkinson at the Stanford Macintosh User Group (SMUG) HyperCard. Bill Atkinson. The auditorium was packed and everyone stayed until the end.What more need be said? I considered stopping this month’s report right here, because the first paragraphContinue reading “Last Meeting – Bill Atkinson and HyperCard”

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